Working on a horticulture or landscaping degree? Need more experience to join the work force? Want space to create and implement your own garden and landscaping ideas and designs in a relaxed environment? Surely, this is the volunteer-ship for you!

The T.R.E.E.S Research Center in Belize is currently undergoing garden upgrades. We are looking to beautify the front of the center and add flower gardens and flowerbeds around paths to the facilities. Furthermore we are looking to create more pond projects as well as a humedalis project. Meaning, the focus of this particular project would be on planting native plants for wildlife while purifying waste water.

In the 1980s this site was used as a plant nursery so a variety of tropical garden plants can be found at the center. Thus the interns will have the opportunity to use these decorative plants for the gardens. There are also a few nurseries in the area where the volunteers(s) will be able to acquire other flowering plants and local expertise. Ideally interns will also set-up a small nursery at the station. This nursery will be used by future interns to produce more plants for our tropical gardens.

Indeed, at the landscape level we are very open to new ideas. We provide the manpower and proper equipment for the intern to complete approved projects. The intern(s) will have the opportunity to work with professional local horticulturists. Consequently, this will allow the intern to learn about the variety of plants available to them in Belize and in what conditions these plants need to effectively grow.

Because the intern will also be working with our organic farm manager and volunteer (s), the intern will learn about soil enrichment methods, organic insect deterrents, organic herb control, etc.

We are looking for interns who are independent yet willing to work in a team environment. Moreover, applicants should have a certain level of horticulture and landscaping experience. Similarly, we are looking for interns that have ideas that they would like to develop at the station. 


  • Design and create, plant, and organize T.R.E.E.S Research Center gardens and landscaping projects.
  • Travel to different areas of Belize to discuss with local professionals about best plants to use at the center to attract wildlife and grow organically
  • With the help of the T.R.E.E.S team, help acquiring materials; rocks, wood, compost, plants (including plants and seeds) to complete different garden, pond, and humedalis projects
  • Travel to local nurseries to purchase plants and materials
  • Start a small nursery for T.R.E.E.S flowering plants
  • Work on soil supplement mainstays
  • Write a report about the garden plan (4-5 pages)
  • Understand and follow all safety regulations and priorities while working in the field and office


Ecorana fees for internships for international students are $399 USD/week. This includes lodging, meals, use of all facilities and equipment, and tutorship. All training on methodologies are offered by Ecorana biologists and local T.R.E.E.S experts in their field of study. Finally, mentorship from Ecorana tutors is available for the duration of the intended internship.

International students must have international travel medical insurance during their stay in Belize. At the discretion of the T.R.E.E.S Directors, more experienced individuals applying for the internship may have fees reduced or exchanged for work.

All interns (international and local) are required to pay for transportation to/from the site and the International airport upon arrival and departure.

To Apply:

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