Ecorana Environmental Ltd. is a wildlife conservation organization with two main branches of business; our wildlife consulting services and our wildlife conservation education services which are delivered as eco-educational field courses. Both of Ecorana’s Directors are M.Sc. Biologists with 20+ years in the field working on a variety of taxa and have numerous scientific publications for research done in Canada and abroad. The Directors have extensive Project Management experience as Project Leads on various conservation-focused projects on the South Coast of B.C. Additionally, Ecorana’s Directors are also Directors of a conservation NGO established in Belize, C.A. called the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S) that operates a research and educational facility. At the T.R.E.E.S Research Center, Ecorana Directors have served over 10 years as Operational and Programming Management.

The majority of Ecorana’s wildlife consulting services to date have focused on Species at Risk (SAR) conservation through partnerships with the BC Conservation Foundation, the Coastal Partners in Conservation Society, and various independent contractors working on Species at Risk on the South Coast of B.C. under SAR-focused funding programs like the Habitat Stewardship Program, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, and the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program. We conduct surveying, inventorying, and monitoring for a variety of wildlife taxa and compile data collected into site and species-specific management and mitigation plans, recovery plans, reports, etc.

We are skilled in the use of the following survey techniques:

  • Call playback and nest searches for bird
  • Point count and transect surveys of birds
  • Mist-netting and mark-recapture (banding of birds and bats)
  • Acoustic monitoring for birds and bats
  • Visual and acoustic encounter surveys for frogs
  • Visual encounter surveys for other amphibians and reptiles
  • Capture mark-recapture for population assessments for turtles using various live-trapping techniques and individual marking using notching codes
  • Small mammal trapping using Sherman and Tomahawk traps
  • Remote camera trapping surveys for large mammals
  • Macro-invertebrate sampling and BMWP scoring for water quality indices
  • Salvage and relocation/translocation for individuals and populations of a variety of taxa in impacted areas

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