NABC Bird Banding Workshop in Belize @ Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society
Oct 19 – Oct 25 all-day

After four years of successful NABC workshops in Belize at the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S) Field Station in Belize (www.treesociety.org). We are offering the fall banding workshop is back by popular demand! Over the 5-day workshop, participants will learn the basics of bird banding from certified NABC trainers.

Instruction will be primarily field-based in small groups (max. 4 per trainer), while classroom style discussions will review: the history of bird banding, bird banding techniques, Pyle, Bird Topography, Molt, and other pertinent topics.

The workshop is tailored for participants with no experience to those with plenty. For those wishing to become certified (see www.nabanding.net for requirements) at the Assistant, Bander, or Trainer level, the session will take place immediately following the workshop.


Bat Survey Techniques Workshop @ T.R.E.E.S Research Station
Oct 25 – Oct 31 all-day

Fall 2019_Bat-survey-techniques-workshop_07052019

Join us today for a Bat survey techniques workshop Belize at the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education )T.R.E.E.S field station.

Learn how to properly use mist-nets and how to remove and safely handle bats. In addtion to learning characteristics for identifying Neotropical bats and proper processing skills. As well as to learn how to record and use bat echolocation calls as a survey technique including the basics of bat detectors. Also, brush up on your bat photography skills! Students will also get to participate in a mid-week field trip to net bats in a cave system Five Blues Lake National Park.