Education and Research Abroad

We offer spectacular study abroad and research abroad opportunities in Belize through our partnerships with leading research and educational facilities and Belizean scientists and educators. We cater to researchers and professors as well as high school and post-secondary students, naturalists, and tourists interested in learning about the local flora, fauna, and people that call Belize home. Whether you are a professor wishing to bring your student group on a field course, a post-secondary student hoping to live and work immersed in Belizean nature and culture through volunteer work or an internship, or a tourist hoping to learn new skills while vacationing in tropical paradise, Ecorana will provide you with an ideal study abroad experience tailored specifically to meet your needs.
Ecorana’s biologists and travel consultants have spent many years working, traveling, and living in Belize, and thus we know first-hand what it takes to create a study abroad program that highlights the ecological and cultural diversity of Belize. Having been students ourselves, we also understand the need to work within limited budgets and so we do everything we can to stretch your budget as far as it can go.

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